5 Steps in Writing a Personal Statement for Masters

Personal statement for mastersThe personal statement for masters is an important element in your application since it is here where you’ll get to display more about your skills, your talents, and your experiences that are not shown in your resume. This means that you’ll need to put a lot of effort into your writing.

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5 Steps to Writing Personal Statement for Masters

1. Brainstorm.


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Jot down on a piece of paper what qualities you have that makes you stand out. Think about the first time you wanted to pursue this course. Think about your career goals. If there are any gaps to your academic records, write an explanation for each. Don’t forget to write your reasons down as well as why should the schools consider for the program.

2. Ask Others for their Opinion.

Review what you’ve written down. If there is a central theme to what you’ve written try to focus your writing around it. Don’t forget that the personal statement is basically a story about you so you should write a statement that will put focus on you and your strengths. Ask for the opinion of others on what they find interesting about your ideas or themes.

3. Check Your Writing.

Errors in your writing, even minor grammar and punctuation mistakes can ruin your personal statement. It is important that you review your work after writing. Focusing your attention on your academic problems or making excuses for the gaps in your statement won’t work. You need to make your personal statement upbeat and engaging to your readers.

4. Be Honest.

When writing your masters personal statement, you should be as honest as possible. Keep in mind that your statement can be used during your interview so anything controversial might go against you. Make it a point to answer all questions stated in the application with regards to the personal statement to ensure that you’ve covered everything.

5. Review your Paper.

Ask someone to read your personal statement and see how they will react to what you’ve written. Listen to their feedback and make changes as you see fit so that your statement becomes stronger and more interesting to your readers. Ask for the opinion of your mentors, your close friends, and even family members regarding your personal statement.

Professional Personal Statement for Masters Program

Your personal statement for masters degree don’t have to span several pages since one to two pages worth will suffice. However, you need to make it a point to deliver a professionally written statement of purpose that focuses on your strengths, your skills, and your qualifications for the program. Even a short personal statement that is well written can have more impact to your readers as long as you know where to direct your reader’s attention.

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