How to Write MA Personal Statement

Ma personal statementIt’s not surprising that many applicants are worried about their MA personal statement because this is their one chance to make a good impression with their readers. They may have impressive resumes but without a well written statement, their chances of being considered for the program may be slim. You see, the personal statement should be a supplement to your resume. It is here where you can direct your readers’ attention to your academic and personal life that can’t be read in your resume. How can you do this? Read on.

How to Get Your Perfect MSc SoP Written

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Tips to Writing the MA Personal Statement

  • Review MA personal statement examples. Reading samples of personal statements for masters degree can help you get ideas on how to build yours perfectly. Through these samples, you’ll see what format they used, what themes they focused on, how they wrote their introduction, as well as their conclusion. You can use these samples as your guide when writing your personal statement.
  • Jot down ideas. Since the personal statement reflects both your academic and personal life, write down your skills, experiences, and other personal information that are related to the program you are applying to. Choose those that you think best conveys your abilities not only to finish the program but can help you pursue your goals as well.
  • Share your skills. From the list, focus on your best skills and experiences that make you qualified for the program. Talk about situations or instances where these skills were put into use. Don’t forget to relate them to the MA program that you are applying for.
  • Stick to the word count. You should follow the word count given by the school when writing your personal statement. A personal statement that is too long will bore your readers.
  • Review your work. Don’t forget to proofread your writing to ensure that there are no errors such as spelling mistakes, grammar problems, or missing punctuation. Go over your writing several times as needed so that you’ll have a polished personal statement to submit along with your application.


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Impressive MA Social Work Personal Statement

The key to writing an impressive personal statement is to write from the heart just like when writing a personal statement for MSc. You need to be honest in your personal statement as this can help make your paper more realistic compared to adding embellishments. Keep in mind that your statement can be used during your interview and it is here where your prowess in writing and thinking will be gauged as well. There is a lot riding on your personal statement so don’t forget to give it your all. Go over your statement and see which areas need to be improved or removed.

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