Masters Personal Statement Example

masters personal statement exampleWriting the personal statement or lawyer statement of purpose for MS degree is the toughest when applying for a Masters degree because you are on your own at this point. With the freedom to write about anything, what should you include in your personal statement? The best way to answer this is to look for masters personal statement example. The good news is that there is no shortage of personal statement for masters examples today because they can be found online. However, you will need to sift through the samples until you find one that will fit your needs best.

A Brief Masters Personal Statement Example

One of the reasons I chose pharmacology in which to specialize is because of the myriad sciences that come into play in this field, including cell and molecular biology, as well as biochemistry and physiology. Moreover, because the field requires such diverse training, the pharmacologist is able to decipher precisely what is needed to create a medicine for use by sufferers of a particular condition. I find this to be an extraordinarily thrilling, as well as satisfying, possibility.

Also attractive are the opportunities for research inherent in this field. It is appealing to be the scientist engaging in research and then be the pharmacologist who can produce the final product.

In 2013, there was a sea change in the law regarding pharmacists in the state where I live. California Governor John Doe signed a bill that came into law in 2014 increasing the ways in which pharmacists could join forces with other health team members, providing better access to care for patients, and advancing the efficacy of healthcare delivery systems. In effect, this bill changed the world of the professional chain pharmacist because now they must have a residency and be board certified to practice in environments that formerly were required to take place in inpatient locations or other designated organizations.

The law also allows for an “Advanced Practice Pharmacist” (APP) now, which is bestowed when certain conditions or experiences are met, allowing pharmacists to deliver more and varied assistance to people, for example, having the authority to provide health care services ordered by the patient’s doctor.

I am interested in seeking this APP recognition and as such must be trained in pharmacy or pharmacotherapy care, complete a residency in ambulatory care, and to have delivered for one year clinical assistance to patients in a team environment with other health professionals. This is what I am working toward.

I want to do a residency to purse my career in ambulatory care and hopefully move on to pgy2, which is a second year of residency in ambulatory care. I had a part in implementing a free clinic called Mary Coptic Clinic, with a pediatrician, an internal medicine physician, and a hospitalist at my side. We all worked as a team. The beauty of this position is that we were able to intervene and help patients before their condition was so critical they would need emergency care at the hospital. Asthma, diabetes, and hypertension were among the many chronic conditions that we helped, along with the dispensing of vital health information for the prevention of certain illnesses.

This experience and my pharmacy education fulfills two of the three qualifications needed for the Advanced Practice Pharmacist designation. My previous experience in pharmacology makes me a good fit for your program, as well as my experience helping people at the free clinic. I am eager to begin the next phase of my training and look forward to a positive reply.

How to Write a Personal Statement for Masters

  • Write a great intro. If you’ve been looking at masters personal statement examples, you will find that many put a lot of effort into making their introduction stand out. Since this is the first thing that your readers will see, it should have a hook that will pique their interest.
  • Show your skills. You should highlight the skills that you have that are related to the masters degree that you are applying for. Talk about where you’ve acquired them and how they can help you in your studies.
  • Stay true. Honesty is important when writing your personal statement because it will be harder to explain about controversial subjects when interviewed. Keep in mind that your personal statement for master can be used during your interview portion so you should write honestly.
  • Keep it brief. One to two pages worth of personal statement, depending on the requirements, is enough to get your message across to your readers. Longer personal statements can get pretty boring.

Make it Personal

Although you are using a masters personal statement example as a guide, don’t forget to personalize your statement. Your readers want to get to know you better through this section of your application so don’t hesitate to give it your personal touch. However, see to it that you’re still writing in a professional manner because this is expected of you. Use the right words to convey your meaning as befitting someone who is applying for a masters degree.

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