Writing a Personal Statement for Master Degree

personal statement for masterApplying for a Masters degree is not just about putting together your academic records and filling out the school’s application but you also need to write a personal statement for master. The personal statement is designed, not only to be a supplement to your resume, but also to inform the admissions panel why you are qualified for the course. The length of the personal statement is usually around one to two pages depending on the requirements. It is no surprise that there are many applicants who feel at a loss as to what they should write in this section of their application.

How to Get Your Perfect MSc SoP Written

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What’s the Importance of Personal Statement for Master?

If you are wondering why there is a need to write a statement of purpose when applying for a Masters degree, the answer to this is simple. You want to share to your readers your reasons, your qualifications, and your goals. Your resume can only do so much in explaining your background. What the school board needs to know is whether you have the skills, the attitude, and the passion to complete the degree. This is why it is important that your master personal statement is written in the most professional manner.


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Tips to Writing a Master Personal Statement

master personal statementState your Reasons. You need to write why you are pursuing this course. Consider your achievements, personal development, as well as choice of career.

master personal statementShow your Experiences. Write about your academic experience, such as getting impressive grades, or work experience you’ve received while studying that is related to the program you are applying for.

master personal statementTalk about Your Skills. The school would like to know how you’ll be able to finish your Masters degree. The best way to do this is to highlight what you’re capable of such as the skills you’ve developed during your undergraduate years, your field work, and even work experience.

master personal statementKeep it Short. When writing, make your sentences short and to the point. Long and winding sentences won’t impress your readers especially if you keep beating around the bush.

master personal statementProofread. It doesn’t matter how long or short your personal statement is as long as you proofread it at the end. You need to catch any errors you might have committed when writing the draft before you send your personal statement in.

Strong Personal Statement

Since you need to make your personal statement for master leave a good impression with your readers, reading a personal statement sample for master is highly recommended. For one thing, you can get ideas on how to build your statement and second, you’ll know how to make yours more interesting to read. There are plenty of samples to be found online so this won’t be much of a problem. However, see to it that the samples you’re going to choose are related to the course you will be applying for.

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